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Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 6:32 PM
First of all, I didn't ban anyone from my tagbox. CHILLAX GUYS. LOL Yes everyone who had presumably thought I had blocked them have reported to me & I'm just posting to reiterate that nothing of that sort happened kay. I'm not a hater :-D - not publicly at least LOL
I don't know why people are being blocked either but it's not sucha bad timing.

Second of all, I'm not gonna blog anymore. 'Cause I would much rather tumblr. It's like blogging & twittering in 1 package & since I can't commit to either....there's only 1 solution, that is TUMBLR ME BABYYYYY ! And I happen to stalk a lot more tumblr pages than blog pages *shrugs* People seem to update more often on tumblr as well so I'm happy to be constantly informed about anything & everything all. the. freaking. time.

Before I part, http://lady-carcar.tumblr.com
Join & I'll see you around. Don't join & I may see you around still but I'm gonna go on a Tumblr joy-ride now!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 @ 9:05 AM
I am in a dark & daunting place atm.
I'm sitting here terrorized by the close future ahead of me & the events to proceed.
Where am I?

In a train going towards uni.
I also have 2 group meetings today.
The more the deadlier : l

I. want. to. throw. a. tantrum. on. the. floor. right. now.

Fly like a G6 bitch
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 @ 4:59 PM
I am really not surprised its taken me this long to return to blogging. After giving myself a guilt trip about my totally limited sense of commitment to everything & absolutely anything, I decided to open up this grueling page to write about something. Yes & I understand it's a real problem that I have a limited attention span but the truth is maybe there really isn't anything lately that was worth a post. Okay...I lied.

There was Paramore & there were some enjoyable movies that I've watched lately that I could've talked about (Despicable Me - I didn't expect to like this let alone LOVE) but then I was just not enthusiastic enough to give a shit whether anyone knew about it or not so I've stuck to reality - a commitment which I found difficult to make since uni started BUT it's back to haunt me again 'cause the exams are creeping closer than ever &...well I'm just not ready. I don't think you can ever be ready 'cause if you ever have that mentality I think thats when your performance kinda dwindles away or remains constant & I don't like living with contempt. I would love a better taste of Ds or god damn a HD LOL But I'm just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's kinda like being stuck in the mud. You're stuck, you know you're stuck, you're waiting for someone or something to pull you out but then no one has the guts & you just struggle & kinda squirm in my case but you're breathing. And I know it's my body's language of desperation when I start to squirm :l Exams make me squirm...a lot. Like all night man. Maybe I just make it seem as if it's a life/death matter - sometimes it does when my parents are hovering over me with a dagger in their hand threatening for nothing less than Excellent marks. Why don't I just do something about it by studying?! I ask myself. I tried studying. But I don't try hard enough 'cause if I did then I wouldn't be blogging atm would I? Yeh, smarty pants why can't I just be smarter so that studying could become a hobby *knocks head*

ISWEARI'LLDOITAGAIN&AGAIN&AGAIN&FORANOTHERINFINITYLIFETIMES. That's just me being VERY excited. LOL More like post-excitement since its already been 3 days since the concert but seriousleeee guys if you've never been to a rock concert before you'll regret it. Trust me. And if you don't regret it, I'll regret it on your behalf & maybe die from over-dosage. I'll just leave you with an image.

Yeh now blur out their faces & imagine my face there. Can you hear me screaming DEWWW IT MANNNNNN ! DEWWWW IT MANNN ! x infinity. Whether you're into Rihanna (400$), Usher (??), Muse (x3)...or....The Wiggles? (36$ LOLOLOL) Don't make make me regret on your behalf.
Speaking of which, I want a small "No regrets" tat in Thai on my shoulder blade but I'll see.

Epitomy of E
Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 1:05 AM
In honour of the letter 'e', I would like to write up this post. Rarely have I ever thought about the significance of anything other than my friends, family & him & then one day, E came along & sparked interest in my MSN conversation with him. There's really only one him & that would be Harold* (*names have been modified to protect the individual, the real name is actually Hieu).

Without E, there would be no sex . finger. head. grope. asshole. orgie . Ah ha. Now have I captured your attention? Have I now? Now that I have, PAY YOUR RESPECT to E. E has evolutionised the world. E has created a revolution. None of these mentioned words would've existed. EXISTED wouldn't even EXIST. This sentence wouldn't even occur in real time. What's next? It's MUTINY! I'm sure you can come up with many more interesting & fascinating words with E D: Evangelion! No more twisted bullshit & boobies for you kiddies. Bleach! Nothing left for the freaks! Deathnote! Oh goodbye emos genevos. Oh well. Anime didn't mean the world to me & the fact that the word itself doesn't actually define the world emphasises my idea. There are some words that I can more than happily let slip into the 'swirling vortex of entropy' (Sheldon Cooper LOL Saranghae <3) 'cause they're equally time consuming to say aswell as a pain to imagine such as:

1/ Emu - OH MY GOD. Are they gronk or what. There is no word that can describe this THING & thank goodness there isn't 'cause even if there was - straight to the vortex brother. Straight there. They displease me & so does the name itself. EEEEE-MEWWWWW. That's it. It's like a disruptive noise coming from a baby's mouth. Did I mention the baby of an ogre (but Shrek).

2/ HEHEHEHE: I wouldn't mind this if it was a word 'cause it would humour me but it's actually a noise & a noise that a human being actually makes whether it is intentional or not & it's leaning towards "I wanna be cute but this is all I can come up with so HEHEHEHEHE" HELLO ANNOYINGGGGG. Even KEKEKEKEK sounds better then HEHEHEHEHE. Actually if you try sounding it out with intense passion, you can resign immediately from your career & consider a full time prospect of a pedophiliac profession.

3/ Sheeple: The reason why I love the word 'rebel'. Unless you're like me then you would have little understanding of that word. According to Wikipedia (oh trusty trusty Wiki), sheeple describes people that "are likened to sheep". Dude, simply put, you're a sheep in human form. What is there to be proud of. How utterly condescending that word is.

4/ Portmanteaux: Oh cut the crap you pompous ass. This word actually defines bad crap crazy words being combined together to create a new word. RIGHTTTT, portmanteaux was also made by combining cow dung with more dung. Port - man - rubbish. 3 words that I look upon with disdain especially the 2nd word unless it's Harold. An example would be Lewis Carroll's (with all due respect) reference to lexical selection in which Humpty Dumpty combined 'fuming' & 'furious' to create 'frumious'. ARGH just typing this word makes me so FRUMIOUS >:l

- There are too many to name & honestly I would rest the day I die if I could but I'm human & I have very human needs such as sleep. And another thing is I loathe odd figures so I decided to stop at 4 'cause 6 feels a long way away.

Time is another matter. I wouldn't have known what I would've done without time & literally I think I would've wondered around aimlessly wondering how long it has been & if it really has taken it as long as I thought it would take. But without proper measurement, how would we know. How would we. I would be more comforted believing it has A LOT to do with the Big Bang Theory & Einstein's Time Theory than to do with some Genesis in the bible & something about god.

I've strayed. I've strayed quite far from what I set out to achieve.
E is important & E to me appeared insignificant but deep down inside, some place in our heart if we put the effort (burn some kilojules you fat shit) into it then we would realise that it carries greatness. A greatness that we wouldn't have noticed if we didn't find & couldn't have appreciated if we didn't realise. Like many other little things in life, they always say "it's the small things that count" & the smallest are always hard to discover. Invest some time in appreciating what you're given & what you have 'cause whatever you possess is immeasurable. Not one individual can retain a duplicate of your experiences or how you feel.

Most of all, without E....there would be no me.